Lift maintenance and maintenance

Date: 2017-03-07 10:06:30
Safety operation and maintenance of the lift car note operation item and use the notes: only trained operators using operators certificates); before the operational use carefully read the "manual", master the operation methods and safety matters needing attention;
One, running rules
1, only do understand the operation of the use of the method of personnel to operate the lift.
2, absolutely not allowed to lift the lifting of the lifting machine of the rated lifting weight.
3, lifting machine lifting process, do not allow people to stay in the lift arm and lifting weights or above.
4, in the dismantling of heavy parts, should pay attention to the change of the vehicle's center of gravity, in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents.
5, safety inspection is to prevent the car lifting machine to have an important measure of safety accident, must be a daily routine inspection, if found abnormal situation, it must be prohibited to use lifting
Machine, until fully repaired, can be used.
Two, operation method:
1, the vehicle into the lifting machine between the two columns of the appropriate position, should make the vehicle center of gravity to keep in the range of two column center line. Adjust the support pad and support in the automobile manufacturing factory always
Set the support point, and adjust the height of the support pad, so that the vehicle to maintain the level of state.
2, operation control switch, a little lift vehicle, check the support of all points. Good support to lift the vehicle to the height of the need.
3, in the lifting process, the operator must observe the vehicle's support at any time. Note: when lifting the machine only need to operate the electrical control switch (the hand to stop); the decline
At the same time, it is necessary to operate the brake plate on the insurance pull rope or lever and the hydraulic system of the relief valve.
Maintenance and maintenance:
The degree of tightness of 1, every week a routine check all the screws and the fastening points of the firm level, level of the two slide, hydraulic oil amount of oil found problems in a timely manner to adjust.
2, the number of oil per month, the number of oil, there is no oil leakage inspection and maintenance.
3, each quarter of the height of the routine examination of bilateral slide is consistent, check the wire rope end nuts tightness, the working performance of the insurance device and check the machine running, check the column bottom
Base fastening nut. The slider and the guide surface cleaning and lubrication slide, check the lock arm.
4, every six months to check the oil pollution situation, check the working performance of the wire rope, check the use of steel wire and grease lubrication.
5, a year on the lifting machine to carry out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, so as to restore to normal working performance.
Common trouble solution for lifting machine:
1, the lifting machine does not rise:
A, motor does not work:
B, power supply line power supply or power shortage;
C, AC contactor or control circuit fault;
D, stroke switch or control button circuit disconnect;
E, motor winding damage;
2, motor "buzzing":
A, power supply line or AC contactor;
B, power supply voltage is insufficient; the 3 oil pump or coupling hairpin;
3, but the motor cylinder does not work (no oil):
A, motor running direction error, change to make it positive;
B, oil pump does not run with the motor, coupling damage;
C, oil pump wear leakage or damage;
D, circuit board overflow valve pressure is not correct;
E, circuit board check valve sealing performance is not good;
F, the oil circuit board to vent the oil valve is closed;
4, slow down:
A, hydraulic oil concentration is too high (standard 46#);
B, the throttle valve to adjust the opening degree is too small;
5, the rope breaks or quit after drop off:
A, jack with moderate length respectively from the top of wooden car side column slide work;
B, after the confirmation of the cylinder force, open the safety insurance;
According to C, the slow discharge oil valve handle began to decline;
D, at this time fall out of sync, main and auxiliary slide decreased faster side using a jack and a moderate length of wood to withstand, descent auxiliary; (Note: this operation belongs to
Emergency processing plan, there is a risk, treatment must be careful operation, when the elevation difference between left and right sides to a certain slope value, immediately stop the decline, the counter at the lower side of the
After that, and then let the higher side continue to fall to lower than the other side, so that the circulation can be reduced in the end.
6, oil spill:
A, the pipe joint nuts are not tightened;
B, joint sealing ring aging, deformation;
7, insurance agency failure:
A, safety device lubrication, rise to the column repair hole position, remove rust, gas lubrication;
B, insurance mechanism cam check head screw adjustment (adjustment);
C, the deformation of the insurance device damage (replacement);
D, insurance agency wire rope off or broken (replacement);
8, the car automatically slide:
A, the circuit board down the drain valve, one-way valve, the sealing ring over the overflow valve damage or the foreign body stuck;
B, cylinder sealing ring wear caused by channeling oil;
9, the lifting is not synchronized:
A, check the ground base of the main sub column is in the range of horizontal error;
B, wire rope tension balance adjustment is not consistent, adjust the balance of the rope until balance. Equipment failure please contact with special equipment installation, maintenance qualification of professional technical personnel