The developing trend of the maintenance of commercial vehicle in China -- the ap

Date: 2017-03-07 10:07:15
With the development of China's automobile industry, the concept of commercial vehicle (CommercialVehicle) is becoming more and more familiar to people. Since 2005, China's auto industry has implemented a new model of statistical classification, commercial vehicles include all of the truck and more than 9 passenger cars. Custom on the commercial vehicle into two categories of passenger cars and trucks.
China's rapid economic growth will lead to more goods and people to flow, which requires a number of commercial vehicles, according to 2011-06, "Journal of Tsinghua University (NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION)" forecast, China's car ownership will reach 2.5-2.9 million in 2020, including commercial vehicles will reach 33000000. Commercial vehicle ownership in the next 10-20 years will continue to show an upward trend, the corresponding commercial vehicle maintenance industry is bound to get continuous development.
As we all know, in the passenger car repair industry, the domestic car maintenance personnel in the drilling for many years after the trench, and gradually transferred to the lifting machine to carry out the work. From the beginning of the 1990s, domestic passenger car lifting machine gradually began to spread, to today, regardless of the vehicle overhaul or repair, maintenance, are inseparable from it. In the scale of maintenance and maintenance enterprises, whether it is the maintenance of a variety of models of integrated class repair plant, or business scope of a single street shop (such as tire shop), almost all equipped with a lift, car 4S shop will not say. The importance and the popularization of the lifting machine, it is decided that it is a kind of equipment which is attached importance to by professionals and managers.
And China commercial vehicle maintenance and is still widely used in cooking, use of heavy truck lifting machine enterprises accounted for less than 10%, this figure in Europe and the United States is more than 70%, China's commercial vehicle maintenance level and the European and American developed countries at least 10 years gap. The author believes that this gap is the first sense of the gap, in other words, commercial vehicle repair industry, operators, managers, even front-line maintenance workers did not recognizing that the widespread use of heavy truck lifting machine will be commercial vehicle maintenance industry is an irreversible trend of development in the concept and heavy truck lifting machine will replace the trench.
Common heavy truck lifting machine usually can be divided into: fixed heavy truck lifting machine, mechanical control mobile heavy truck lifting machine, electro-hydraulic control movable lifting machine.